Power transmission linie 1Kv pvc isolierung abc kabel mit ce ccc zertifikat

Power transmission linie 1Kv pvc isolierung abc kabel mit ce ccc zertifikat
Hafen: Qingdao,Shanghai
Zahlungsbedingungen: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal
Lieferbar: 5000000 Meter/Metern via Month
Ursprungsort: China
Markenname: Guowang
Modellnummer: Abc kabel
Isolierungs-Material: XLPE
Art: Niederspannung
Anwendung: Obenliegend
Leiter-Material: Kupfer
Jacke: PET
Typ: Power transmission linie 1kv 3*120 + 1*70 vpe-isolierung abc kabel
Modell: Abc kabel
Nennspannung: 1kv, 10kv
Schnitt Bereich: 10 ~ 1500mm2
Anzahl der Kerne: 2,3, 4,5, 6,7
Leiter: Aluminium
Farbe: Schwarz
Standard: IEC
OEM Service: Nehmen
Verpackung: Trommel
Verpackungsdetails: Power transmission linie 1kv 3*120 + 1*70 vpe-isolierung abc kabel mit ce ccc zertifikat Rollen, holz trommel oder entsprechend ihrem antrag.


Product Description


Covered line wire

Covered line wire is used primarily for overhead secondary distribution lines.It is not an electrically insulated conductor and is treated as bare conductor when installed.


Duplex service drop

To supply 120 volt aerial service for temporary service at construction sites, outdoor or street lighting. For service at 600 volts or lower at a conductor temperature of 75 °C maximum.


Triplex service drop

To supply power from the utility’s lines to the consumer’s weatherhead. For service at 600 volts or less (phase to phase) at a conductor temperature of 75°Cmaximum for polyethylene insulation or 90°C maximum for cross linked insulation.


Quadruplex service drop

Used to supply 3 phase power, usually from a pole-mounted transformer, to the user’s service head where connection to the service entrance cable is made. To be used at voltage of 600 volts or less phase to phase and at conductor temperature no to exceed 75°C for polyethylene insulated conductor or 90°C for cross linked polyethylene insulated conductors.



Phase conductor: aluminum stranded(AAC)

Neutral conductor: aluminum stranded(AAC), aluminum alloy stranded(AAAC), Aluminum conductor steel reinforced(ACSR)

Insulation: PVC, XLPE, PE or LDPE



Aerial Bundled Cable meet or exceed the following standards: IEC228, IEC209, IEC60502, ASTM ANSI/ICEA S-76-474, NFC 33-209,HRN HD 626 S1 / DIN VDE 0276 part 626 / BS7870/ GB/T12527-2008


Production range

Sectional area : 10mm2~1500mm2

Voltage : 1kv , 10kv , 35kv


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Packaging & Shipping



1. What is the difference between XLPE cable and PVC cable? 

PVC – Poly Vinyl chloride ; XLPE – Cross linked Poly Ethylene

PVC :  thermo plastic ;  XLPE: thermosetting plastic. 

PVC can withstand temperatures up to 70°C ; XLPE can do 90°C.

PVC costs lower with large market, XLPE costs higher with smaller market.


2. Can I get a sample to check your quality?

Of course. Sample is free, but you need to cover the freight charges. 


3. How long can I get the sample?

Samples will be ready for delivery in 3-5 days, and it will arrive within 7 days. We can help you get the procedure going if you do not have an account. 


4. What about the lead time for mass production?

Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. The best record we kept is

delivering 10 kilometers cable within a week. Generally, we suggest inquiry two months earlier before your project.


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